Madhatters Tea House & Café

Madhatters Teahouse & Café

Madhatters Teahouse & Café

Within walking distance of the house, we have a number of fun restaurants, bars and cafés. One of these is the Madhatters Tea House & Café, a popular hangout for the working-from-home or SOHO/virtual office crowd. Free wireless (not nearly as common in San Antonio as in Silicon Valley), breakfast & lunch menu, a wide selection of teas and other beverages (including locally roasted coffee) and a very dangerous baked-goods and pastries case. I’m sitting at Madhatters right now as I write this, working on my résumé and waiting for the start of a webinar I’m attending in 15 minutes.

Madhatters definitely has a quirky personality of its own, as evidenced by its colorfully written website and its vibrant décor. Fun fact: it’s a tea house rather than a coffee shop because its founder and owner couldn’t afford the $8,000 espresso machine on his $30,000 budget to open the place, so he thought, “let’s do a tea place because all you need is boiling water!”

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