Summer Lovin’ in San Antonio

This week's forecast.

This week's forecast.

As summer speeds by, I’m struck by how livable the weather has been, despite consistent temperatures in the high 90s and low 100s. We have yet to experience any real humidity — perhaps because we’re in the midst of one of the worst droughts in Texas history — so that has made the high temps much more bearable. (“But it’s a DRY heat!”) And, of course, everything is air-conditioned. I’ve even experienced air conditioning in an outdoor space!

One of the benefits of hot (dry) summer weather is the beautiful warm summer evenings. San Antonio is blessed with some great breezes. Passing some time on an outdoor river-side patio or at our local outdoor icehouse on a warm, breezy summer evening is a lovely experience. Especially with a nice cold beer or sangria at hand.

Of course, things can always get worse. August lies ahead, and we’re told that San Antonio in August is like Paris in July — everone (who can) leaves! We shall see. Stay tuned!

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